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Tarzan upon arrivalTarzan today(click photos for enlarged view)

Tarzan is a miniature horse we were given in March of 2012. He came with his 2 Arabian companions. His owners had him for many years and he had not had any vaccinations or deworming the entire time they lived there. He was grossly overweight because his companions teeth were so bad they couldn't eat their food, so he got theirs and his while they were starving.

He is a sweet boy who has learned to walk nicely on lead and most importantly learned not to bite. We do not give him treats by hand and he now does not ask with his teeth. He seems to enjoy carrying kids under 30 pounds and walks carefully with them, but will not carry anyone heavier.

When we got Tarzan he was in thick winter coat, wider than his body was tall (not including legs), and was panting constantly. He is now on a grain free diet consisting of Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage Based Feed and hay.

He needs frequent hoof trimming because he foundered in the past and his feet don't grow evenly.

He wants to learn tricks and loves grooming and attention. I have started teaching him to climb the steps to the mounting block. He thinks everything is a big adventure.

Tarzan's feed and foot care costs are $85/month.

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Please consider adopting Tarzan. Adoption entails paying for their feed and lodging every month, and the adopters are encouraged to visit and care for their horse as often as possible.

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